Using Docker for development

Roadiz standard edition is shipped with a docker-compose example environment ready to use for development. Docker on Linux will provide awesome performances and a production-like environment without bloating your development machine. Performances won’t be as good on macOS or Windows hosts, but it will prevent installing singled versioned PHP and MySQL directly on your computer.

First, edit .env file and configure it according to your host machine (you can copy it from .env.dist if it does not exist).

# Build PHP image
docker-compose build;

# Create and start containers
docker-compose up -d;

Then your website will be available at http://localhost:${APP_PORT}.

For linux users, where Docker is running natively (without underlying virtualization), pay attention that PHP is running with www-data user. You must update your .env file to reflect your local user UID during image build.

# Type id command in your favorite terminal app
# It should output something like
# uid=1000(toto)

So use the same uid in your .env file before starting and building your Docker image.