Roadiz is a Symfony application running with PHP. You can follow regular Symfony requirements to optimize your local or production setup. Roadiz requires an HTTP server for static assets and SSH access with out/ingoing allowed connections. Here is a short summary of mandatory elements before installing Roadiz:

  • Nginx or Apache, with a dedicated virtual host as described below.

  • PHP 7.4+ required, 8.1 recommended

  • Install theses PHP extensions (which are installed and enabled by default in most PHP installations): JSON, Intl, cURL, MBString, Ctype, iconv, PCRE, Session, Zip, SimpleXML, and Tokenizer;

  • Your php.ini needs to have the date.timezone setting

  • You need to have at least version 2.6.21 of libxml

  • PHP OPcache + APCu (APC 3.0.17+ or another opcode cache needs to be installed)

  • php.ini recommended settings

    • short_open_tag = Off
    • magic_quotes_gpc = Off
    • register_globals = Off
    • session.auto_start = Off
  • MariaDB 10.5.2+ or MySQL 5.7+ database with JSON_* functions support

  • Install Composer, which is used to install PHP packages.

  • Git


Roadiz and Symfony development and production environments heavily rely on Docker and docker-compose. We recommend you to learn these awesome tools if you’re not using them yet.

You can use our official Docker image with Nginx and PHP already setup for you. We recommend that you create your own Docker image based on this official one.