Install Roadiz Source Edition (deprecated)


This part is applicable for projects created prior v0.17. New projects should be created with Roadiz Standard Edition.

Roadiz Source edition can be downloaded in two different ways:

  • The Good one — using Git and Composer (needs an SSH connection to your server and Git)
  • The Easy one — using a bundled Zip archive with composer dependencies.

Using Git

First you will have to setup properly your server virtual host. You can either use Apache or Nginx with Roadiz. An example virtual host is provided in source-code for each server:

  • samples/apache.conf
  • samples/nginx.conf

You just have to customize your root path and server name. Nginx has built-in support for php-fpm whereas Apache must be configured with fastcgi to do the same.

These example files will provide basic security configuration for private access folders: such as conf or files/fonts folders. They will also configure your server to redirect all non static requests to Roadiz front-controller.


For shared hosting plan owners, if you can’t modify your virtual host definition, don’t panic, Roadiz has a built-in CLI command to generate .htaccess files for you. Just execute bin/roadiz generate:htaccess after cloning Roadiz sources and running Composer. In the other hand, if you are using Apache and have access to your virtual host, we strongly recommend you to use our sample configuration and disable .htaccess files: performances are at their best without them.

When your HTTP server is ready to go, download Roadiz latest version using Git:

cd your/webroot/folder;
git clone [email protected]:roadiz/roadiz.git ./;

Use Composer to download Roadiz dependencies and to build PHP class autolader. We even set up some post-scripts which will copy a new config.yml, dev.php, clear_cache.php and install.php files for you.

# Install Roadiz dependencies, prepare a fresh config file and your
# own dev and install entry points.
composer install --no-dev -o;

When your virtual host is ready and every files have been downloaded you can go to the next part to access the `install environment`_.

The quick and dirty way: using a Zip archive

This method must be used if you have to work on your own computer with softwares like MAMP, WAMP or if you need to setup your website on a shared hosting plan without any SSH or Git.

If you downloaded Roadiz on the Github release page or directly from our website, you should get a bundled Zip containing every Roadiz files and Composer dependencies. We even generated .htaccess files and a conf/config.yml file for you.

If you can unzip directly on your server, that is cool. It will save you time, if not, just unzip it on your desktop and upload files to your server via FTP.


When you transfer your Roadiz site via FTP make sure .htaccess files are copied into each important folders (./, ./conf, ./src, ./files/fonts, etc). If you are using an Apache setup, this will prevent unwanted access to important files.

Once you unzipped and moved your Roadiz files into your webserver folder, just launch the Install tool with your Internet browser by typing your new website address. If you are working on your own computer with MAMP, WAMP or other easy-server tool, just type http://localhost:8888/roadiz-folder in your browser (the port may change according to your server settings).

You have to understand that using Zip archive way with FTP transfers will make updating Roadiz harder. If you have a dedicated server or a VPS, we highly recommend you to use Git and Composer to install Roadiz. That way, you will be able to upgrade Roadiz just by typing git pull origin master.