Managing users

This is a simple guide on how to create and manage users using Roadiz CLI.

There are two ways of adding users, via the back-office and in command-line, both will be displayed in each section.

When working with Roadiz in the back-office, you can easily manage users via the User system icon in the toolbar.


Add user

You can add users simply by clicking Add an user button.


The command-line bin/roadiz users:create loginname starts a new interactive user creation session. You will create a new user with login and email, you can also choose if it’s a backend user and if it’s a superadmin.

Delete user

You can remove users by clicking the trashcan icon.


The command bin/roadiz users:delete loginname delete the user “loginname”.

Adding role

You can edit a users profile the same way you edit a node-type. You can add roles in the Roles tab.


If you want to add ROLE_SUPERADMIN role to “test” user, it would look like this in command-line:

bin/roadiz users:roles --add loginname
# You will be prompted to choose the ROLE with auto-complete feature.

Other action

It is possible to enable or disable users with users:enable or users:disable command. If a user doesn’t remember his password, you can regenerate it with the users:password command. For more informations and more actions, we invite you to check available commands with:

bin/roadiz list users